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Are we able to retain a older account? Empty Are we able to retain a older account?

7/16/2022, 3:34 pm
Of course I understand you revamped a lot of content which is awesome and am grateful you kept the game going! Thank You!
Now onto my issue lol... Is there a way to get our prior forum account back? I had a decent amount of credits and would like to know if we're just out of luck or is there a way to get them back?
When I came I noticed that you of course had changed a lot but at the same time I guess you need people to jump on and ask for events like we use to?
It's summer time and it's hot and yes of course when we can get out and hit the pool or beach whatevs...We come back clearly it may possibly be down the line a year or so but if we are still alive and kicking and have that urge lol we return..
I ran around on a cleric named Arielues and was always out gathering lol... Anyways, Looking forward to kickin again.
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