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The Suspicious Alchemists Empty The Suspicious Alchemists

7/20/2022, 9:11 am
The Suspicious Alchemists Unknown

The Suspicious Alchemists have returned to Atreia! Learn their ancient secrets to turn lead into special keys which unlock chests full of prizes.

- Part One: Suspicious Alchemist
Every day starting at 9:00 a.m. server time, visit NPC Suspicious Alchemist to receive a free [Event] Key Pouch which will contain either a Copper Key or a Gold Key.

The Copper Key opens the Common Treasure Box and the Gold Key opens the larger Premium Treasure Box. Be sure to log in every day during the Alchemist Event and get your FREE Key Pouch!

- Part Two: Transmuting Keys
Alchemist’s Pouches will be dropping from instance bosses. Open an Alchemist’s Pouch to obtain (1) [Event] Lead Fragment or (1) [Event] Alchemic Essence. Combining the two items will create an [Event] Key Pouch.

Treasure Boxes can be found in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. If you’re looking for additional Alchemist’s Pouches or Alchemic Essence you can find them on the webshop and you can get one of each daily.

- Locations & Rewards

Alchemist's Pouches can be found as a drop from instance bosses. You’ll get one Alchemist Pouch per instance available for every member of your party.

Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)
Raksang(Raksha, Raksha Boilheart)
Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)
Ophidan Bridge (Artillery)
Steel Rose Cargo (group) (Maintenance Officer Notakiki)
Steel Rose Quarters (group) (Kanerunerk the Accountant)
Steel Rose Deck (group) (Captain Rumakiki)
Danuar Reliquary (Furious Grendal the Witch)
Sauro Supply Base (Treacherous Uterunerk, Head Researcher Jardaraka, Medical Officer Surkihan, Guard Leader Achradim, Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army)
Danuar Sanctuary (Staff Officer Syaroka, Supreme Healer Tagnu)
Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
Abyssal Splinter (Abyssal Treasure Box, Shining Treasure Chest of the Abyss)
Satra Treasure Hoard (Muzzled Punisher, Punisher Unleashed)
Dragon Lord's Refugee (Calindi Flamelord, Large Tiamat Treasure Chest)
Illuminary Obelisk (Dynatum Prototype)

Both Treasure Boxes Rewards:

The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_2stenchant_water_m01 Tempering Solution
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_sack07 Noble Composite Manastone Bundle
The Suspicious Alchemists Unknown [Event] Fleeting Chromanimbus Container(15 days)
The Suspicious Alchemists Unknown Mithril Medal
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_badge09 Ceramium Medal
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_box07 Fancy Medal Chest
The Suspicious Alchemists Unknown Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing (Eternal)
The Suspicious Alchemists Unknown Assured Greater Felicitous Socketing (Mythic)
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_specialbox02 [Event] Ancient Coin Chest
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_box07 [Event] Kahrun's Box
The Suspicious Alchemists Icon_item_box06 Nether Dragon King's Sealed Box

(Premium Treasure Box have double reward chance than Common Treasure Box)

We have extra rewards in those boxes such as Blood Marks, Ancient Coins, Kahrun Symbols, Legion Coins and Protectorate Coins


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