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Dead forums? Empty Dead forums?

7/31/2022, 1:48 pm
That's a bummer, We should have an active forum givin the amount of supposed player listed online each deay.
How about more interaction with the community?
I suggested or lets say I mention some events and I remember how it use to go and it was like code red then the one going now a snowy event but only did halloween once.
I even suggested events that gave players some pets and other items from the shop, I still played up till about a month before your revamp and then poof/
You could have a revamped code red even and a event that you gotta hunt mobs to make a certain popsicle or ice cream or nice cold drink or items and even have a gathering event all in one, And you could either turn collected items into saving for a trade type npc that allows you to trade said items for pets or whatever else.
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