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[Bug?] Mob Strenght way to low (some cases) Empty [Bug?] Mob Strenght way to low (some cases)

8/3/2022, 10:18 am
Hey, I don't know if it is intended or a bug.
There are lots of Mobs that are by far not as strong as they were on retail or other well known 4.6 servers.
The Endboss and i guess generelly the mobs on Krotan/Miren/Kysis-Barracks for example. The endboss doesn't even need a healer any more, because it's damage is that low.
in Beshmudirs temple, enemies like the horse and Isberia are easy to do solo with 65 char, without even good gear or DP-use, while it was close to impossible with max gear when they had their "natural" strength. It feels like this applies to Tiamat Stronghold as well.

I dont know if they are affected by a global Balaur nerf?
But it does not feel intendet especially in instances like Abyssbarracks^^
Just wondering.
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