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Siege schedule Empty Siege schedule

8/7/2022, 11:29 pm
Hello everyone who will read this post...
well, I'd like to talk here about the siege schedule, which is currently a rather bad time (basically starting late) for many people that i know (including me), and with that i'd like to propose the possibility that the siege can be advanced 1h .
currently the sieges are being at 10 pm (10 pm) ending at 11 pm (11 pm) starting soon after the ID that ends at 12 am, which is incredibly late for most people who need to wake up early the next day.
If the siege happened 1h earlier (21h or 9pm) it would consequently end earlier, which therefore the id would also be earlier (22h or 10pm) this would help a lot of people who would love to participate in the sieges and other activities but can't for time reasons.

I understand that this request/post is just my point and that of people who have the same problem .. but obviously like any forum it is open to discussion ..
and if it is possible to have a popular vote if necessary, I believe that a vote would be the fairest universe for everyone..
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