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Traces of Munin Event Empty Traces of Munin Event

8/10/2022, 9:00 am
Traces of Munin Event Dc1twsw-a3fda1f5-5475-45fa-894f-bb7d8aeca44b

Once, the life journey led Daeva to a good and noble man. He appeared from somewhere once to tell a story. He was a seer, and Daeva couldn't shake the feeling that the man could see him beyond skin and bone. He is the seer who made the history of Atreia. When that man spoke, he was appealing to great cultures. While listening, the Daeva could only hear: "Our time is a time of bustle and noise." This man is a monument, he belongs to an era that has ended and that has just begun... And so the Daeva pursued him, although it is not an easy task to search for the traces, but the winged hero will not stop his search, because he knows: the story of Munin is his own story in a sense.

Corina and Ceremon appeared in Sanctum, and Rybar with Feyorev appeared in Pandemonium.
During the event, Daevas collect special quest items:
[Event] Munin's Footprints.

You can collect the [Event] Munin's Footprints in 2 ways:

1 - Daily you will receive [Event] Munin's Footprints just for being online, level to obtain the item is 50-65 and you will get 12 Footprints daily, 1 every hour.

2 - [Event] Munin's Footprints can also be obtained through quests that you have to kill a few Shulacks, the quest item drop to all group members.

Shulacks Gelkmaros and Inggison Locations below:

Traces of Munin Event Unknown

Shulacks Katalam Location below:

Traces of Munin Event Unknown

[Event] Munin's Footprints can be exchanged in Sanctum and Pandaemonium for the items below:

[Event] Munin Hunter Advance:

Blood Mark x4
Fragmented Ceramium x3
Greater Ancient Crown
Seed of Detection x5
Ancient Coin x15
Saam King's Herbs x10
L110 Enchantment Stone

[Event] Munin Hunter Support:

[Event] Superior Recovery Bundle
Ceramium Medal
Major Ancient Crown
Illuminary Obelisk Idian Pouch
[Event] Noble Commander Card
L120 Enchantment Stone
[Event] Sauro Supply Base Bonus Entry Scroll
L130 Enchantment Stone
Composite Manastone Pouch
Stormwing egg (30 days) x1
Tombstone of Revival x1
Major Blessed Augment: Level 2
Steampunk Bikron (15 days)
Infinity Shard Bonus Entry Scroll
Sharptooth Steamrunner (7 days)
Ophidan Bridge Bonus Entry Scroll
Tempering Solution


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