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Juu being racist once again Empty Juu being racist once again

8/15/2022, 10:57 pm
What's up Admin..

I'm reporting juu once again for being racist. In this picture he's calling African Americans like myself words to make fun of us.

He's herding us like slaves . I am not sure if you are familiar with black history but this type of shit is HORRIBLE.

How many reports until he's banned? I'm so tired of being called the N word amongst other things by your streamers of your game. Cut the shit and cut the racism I am TIRED of this shit. please DO SOMETHING BESIDES SLAPPING HIS WRIST LIKE ALWAYS. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO BE RACIALLY PROFILED WHEN I PLAY A GODDAMN GAME. WE R ALL SICK OF IT.

https ://imgur.com/a/qdLk3ZZ

Again forumns won't let me post links because I made this account recently and don't know how else do report ppl, just delete the space between s and : thanks.
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