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What went wrong? Empty What went wrong?

8/24/2022, 5:32 pm
I recall the prior AA before you reforged it.. And by gosh if you weren't doing events for everyone meaning all levels no set lvl pre req.....
I haven't seen any events that are for all levels... Sadly kinda reminds be of how the official aion ended up heading down those roads where you could not partake in events in you were not lvl 50+...
I mean you use to throw the same events every other month over and over which was fine because there was something fun to do for all levels.. Like the hunting of the items that gave drop buff or exp buff for 3 hours along with code red throughout the summer time and I see none of those things happening...
I enjoyed playing this version and on your server because the patch and the fact you were pretty active with events and while the mid lvl events were going on there was other events as well that you didn't have to be higher levels to partake in.
How about some events for all levels?
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What went wrong? Empty Re: What went wrong?

9/14/2022, 3:18 pm
Although I can see why someone would want this, it's so easy to level that I don't think it's particularly needed. On the other hand, this also ensures people don't just make alts all day long in order to reap the benefits.
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What went wrong? Empty Re: What went wrong?

9/15/2022, 3:33 pm
I guess that could be true...But I had been playing for awhile and everyone I knew that was playing was pretty doing the same exact thing everyone else was on the server.
Which was if you had your alts and you were not leveling them up at said time due to whatever reason it maybe people myself included would log on to events collect rewards switch over to main character and keep playing till reached desired level and then would go back to those same characters that I had logged in and collected said rewards or participated in event and begin to level that character I mean as far as I know there is no program out there that lets you level every single one of your characters at the same time.
Anyways, Thanks for the reply! It is nice to see someone in the community reply.
I was in the discord but that shit got out of hand when there was some issues with a former GM that AA had been working with but nuff said bout that.
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