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Battlegrounds Top Ranking Players Empty Battlegrounds Top Ranking Players

6/8/2021, 6:30 pm
In Aion America we have the Battleground Top Ranking Players and this page can be found in our website Battlegrounds Ranking

At the end of every Season the first Top 3 players of EACH category in this rank will receive a box with rewards and the rank will be reseted after the rewards delivery and a new Season will begin.

The Season will have a month duration, when it ends the prizes will be delivered and a new season will begin

The rewards will be delivered through mail, the top players don't need to request for them to receive.

The reward is:

Battleground King Rewards Bundle:

Value Boost Pack 30-Days
Administrator's Boon 30-Days
1x Tempering Solution
[Title Card] Battleground King 30-Days

Title Status:

Battlegrounds Top Ranking Players Unknown

We will post the winners in our discord at the end of every season.

Below is the instance list for the Battlegrounds Top Ranking Players:

Terath Dredgion (level 56-65)
Ophidan Bridge (level 61-65)
Kamar Battlefield (level 61-65)
Iron Wall Warfront (level 61-65)

How the rank is calculated?

Is automatic calculated by players Wins, Kills and Score Points
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