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Trick or treat! The witch and the king Empty Trick or treat! The witch and the king

10/19/2022, 10:26 am
Trick or treat! The witch and the king 2015-11-19_0703

Pumpkin King! Pumpkin King! Pumpkin King! That’s how little Daevas are summoning the Pumpkin King during Halloween. And if they are lucky, he will appear.

This story is old as Atreia, and usually the Pumpkin King appears only to participate in celebrations in his honor. This year, he has one problem though: Blair, the witch. People celebrating the Pumpkin King are saying that the witch is creating problems for the king. The disciples of Blair on the other hand are saying, that the Pumpkin King is bad for Halloween!

In the heat of the battle who is best and most popular for Halloween, the Shulack Sugarcrooks have stolen candies! This is ruthless and not tolerated! Daevas will yell for “moooaaaaar” like zombies crave for “braaiiiiiins”.

But that’s not all! The Shulack Sugarcrooks also create problems for the witches and the spirit of Halloween is in danger. Especially the candies! You have to help them and collect souls!

Halloween in Atreia is in chaos ! Between the popularity battle and the spirit of Halloween, the Daevas have to save Halloween itself!

However, Daevas atleast won’t have to fight against the Headless Horseman. He is on a little trip somewhere else and lost his head again. Crazy guy…

- Pumpkin King and the Witch will be spawned in the capitals handing quests to everyone.

Quests Mobs:

(Shulack Sugarcrooks can be found near Verteron Citadel and Altgard Fortress for a specific quest)

(Senior Mage Soul and Senior Priest Soul can be found near New Heiron Gate for Elyos)

(Senior Exorcist Souls and Senior Healer Souls can be found near Beluslan Fortress for Asmodians)

Quests main rewards:

[Event] Pumpkin King's Present Box
[Event] Pumpkin Pouch
[Event] Sugarcrook's Pack
[Event] Case of Harvest Revel Ale

Do you want candies? Yes! (It’s good for you…)
Do you want fear? Yes!
Do you want pumpkins? Yes!
Do you want a cat with a grotesque smile? Sorry, we cannot provide you with that…

Help everybody with various quests and receive your rewards.

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