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Custom Beritra Invasion Empty Custom Beritra Invasion

11/30/2022, 9:42 am
Beritra Invasion System

We developed an Invasion System that will happen according to the schedule in our webiste.

Beritra has researched ancient Danuar weapons ever since discovering Ide and Hyperion in Katalam. Deep within the Sauro Supply Base was a hidden cache of Danuar weapon designs and machine parts. Beritra used this new technology to create legions of highly advanced autonomous weapons, which he uses to sow chaos in Balaurea and Abyss.
Bosses will be spawned in pre-made locations across the maps and will disappear after 1 hour.
Invasions can happen in Katalam, Danaria and Reshanta the location is random. A notification of Invasion start will be sent inside our discord.

Custom Beritra Invasion Image
Custom Beritra Invasion Image

During the invasion, all possible spawn locations will be marked clearly on the map. They’ll still need to be investigated, though, so communication is key!

Custom Beritra Invasion Image

Beritra Invasion Possible Drops:
- Grand Invasion Reward Box: containing original invasion drops, a guaranteed Eternal armor/weapon, idian, potions, manastones, ancient manastones level 70 (possible drop) and a possible Tempering Solution.
- A small amount of Glory Points is earned by killing the invasion bosses.
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