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Go down
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LOL!!! Are you kidding me... Empty LOL!!! Are you kidding me...

12/13/2022, 4:10 pm
Over 1000 lol now you can barely field 120+ This same exact crap happened prior to this new revamp.. Hmm I wonder why... I don't actually because I already know lol..
How long until you reset the game yet again I wonder, You should have handled the community better and perhaps replied to the people that pay to keep the lights on and your server running.
The lack of community interaction is the same as it was back then.. and lets face it not everyone wants to go down load discord and I understand that but you can't expect people that are not getting replies to simply keep putting money into your pocket and hope you don't bail on them..
I suggest checking out some other games, Many games are actually having their Holiday time events.. I now play Ragnarok online instead.
Good luck with the server lol your gonna need it!
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