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Aion America Updates 01/11 Empty Aion America Updates 01/11

1/8/2023, 5:35 pm
We would like to announce a few updates for the next maintenance

The update include: new Blood Mark and Blood Medal (new currency) sets and weapons, more income of Ceramium Medals in siege and battlegrounds rewards, and Guardian General Transformation (XForm) limitation to only General Ranks above.

New Gear

You can find the new gear NPCs in Reshanta, in your respective main city

Aion America Updates 01/11 Image

Aion America Updates 01/11 Image

The gear is the Blood Mark and Blood Medal gear, Mythic. There is no purification for this gear type.

You can farm Blood Medals the same way as you currently farm Blood Marks.

Ceramium Medal Income

Sieges now will reward more Ceramium Medals
Battlegrounds such as EOB, Kamar Battlefield, Idgel Dome, Iron Wall Warfront will also reward more Ceramium Medals


Guardian General Transformation (XForm) have been limited to Ranks General above only. Since currently we have a lot of XForms with less players during siege we are limiting the XForms number as a safe measure so we don't have 250 players in a siege with 180-200 players XFormed.

We thank you guys for being here playing Aion America and having fun and hope that these measures can move the game in a exciting way!

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