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What i think about server rank and dux Empty What i think about server rank and dux

6/22/2021, 9:38 pm
You know, it's been a while since I've noticed that there are some problems in the server's pvp, I don't know if it would be exactly these words, but anyway they are a package of small things that in the sum becomes something very complicated.
first i need to say that i have approximately a little more than 40 days of server, i have not reached 2 months yet, so there is the possibility of being wrong.
I am currently in the race of the Elyos, and so this will be my vision.
I know that in the beginning of the server the elyos were overwhelmingly dominant, to the point of having the creation of new accounts blocked, so that they could have a balance on the server, in fact this was the purpose, and new asmos arose, and this was amazing! the server now has some movement. however there are some problems, and treat this as a global issue.

So straight to the point,
it would be amazing to have some seasonal rank reset system, for example 1x every 2 or 3 months, because there are many ranked players who have stopped playing or changed races and are still ranked.
resetting rank would be a simpler way to reorganize the server's ranked table.
I don't say to become rank 9 .. but that all those who are ranked return to army 1 so that they then go back to the farm and regain their rank, and those who have stopped playing or who have changed race/class , get out of it and place for new ones.

And the second point would be regarding the dux buff blocking the 50% damage of the dux. Simply this is insane, it is practically impossible to kill him with this buff, even if we have 30 minutes left it would not be possible, for the simple fact that there is no server contingent for this. I believe that for both the elyos and the asmos this problem exists. This buff is for a siege of at least 100 or more on each side, which doesn't correspond with reality, that there are around 60 to 70 on each side. And from these 60 or 70 players, we can say that there are 15 to 30 that are xform, maybe less than that.
whether or not this is the reality, and the siege and ranks mechanism are not adding to the current reality of the server
So this 50% damage reduction buff is simply insane in the real server situation.
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