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Glory Points Ranking Reset Empty Glory Points Ranking Reset

10/25/2021, 2:01 pm
Glory Points Ranking Reset Ranking-reset

Hello Daevas, we bring you this important announcement that we will be doing a reset of Glory Points in the server.

Currently, there is a high number of inactive players in both factions who have a lot of Glory Points which blocks other players from these spots. By doing this reset we will keep the ranking system competitive for new and active players.

The reset will apply to all characters that are rank 2-Star Officer or higher.

How many Glory Points will each rank have after the reset?

- Governors: 13,000 Glory Points
- Commanders: 12,000 Glory Points
- Great Generals: 10,500 Glory Points
- Generals: 9,000 Glory Points

Army 5-Star Officers, Army 4-Star Officers, Army 3-Star Officers, Army 2-Star Officers will have their Glory Points set to 2,000 Glory Points.

Army 1-Star Officers and lower will keep the same Glory Points they had before.

The Glory Points Ranking Reset will happen during our next maintenance on Wednesday, October 27.

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