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Captain Harlock Event Empty Captain Harlock Event

12/1/2021, 8:26 am
Captain Harlock Event Har4

Hello Daevas! We present you the Captain Harlock Event! Within the event duration you will be able to get some quests, hunt some mosters through Atreia and get some cool rewards!

In the Capitals, Sanctum and Pandaemonium will have two NPCs spawned, giving quests above the level 21!

Torunerk (Elyos)

[Event/Daily/Spy] Shulacks and Harlock, Oh My!
[Event/Daily] The Harlock Appearance

Toshirinerk (Asmodians)

[Event/Daily/Spy] Harlock and Shulacks, Oh My!
[Event/Daily] The Harlock Mystery

The monsters location are random, according to the map of your quest.

The quests will ask you to kill a few mobs in the maps informed in the quest, after completing them you will be rewarded with Skull Marks. With it you will be able to purchase a box called: [Event] Pirate's Tool Bundle which after opened will give you a reward:

The reward list is:

[Event] Cat Hat
[Event] Cat Suit
[Event] Dramata's Bone Wing Box
[Event] Dye: Romantic Blue
[Event] Dye: Romantic Pink
[Event] Dye: Romantic Yellow
[Event] Fabled Godstone Bundle
[Event] Gold Coin Bundle
[Event] Greater Composite Manastone Bundle
[Event] Heroic Godstone Bundle
[Event] Lesser Composite Manastone Bundle
[Event] Medal Bundle
[Event] Platinum Coin Bundle
[Event] Protectorate's Heroic Key Box
[Event] Silver Coin Bundle
[Event] Superior Manastone Bundle
[Event] Tahabata Weapon Box
Saam King's Herbs

You will also obtain Skull Marks by staying online! Every 1 hour online you will get one Skull Marks and the max per day being 4 Marks.

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