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Wow....What happened? Empty Wow....What happened?

12/21/2021, 6:59 pm
These forum's are dead lol....We can't reply to certain threads you post on here...... Not in this area but in events etc...
Can you not have a exp and drop maybe buff events or something else to add for the Christmas holiday fun time events?
Do like a Christmas wish list on a tree in main cities or something throw in some new pets as gifts not a darn 7 day type ordeal...
Could you throw in some more events? I been out for awhile clearly and it's Holiday time everywhere and many American's not sure of other's but many of us get a paycation and are off work for a period of time for these major Holiday's....Would be nice to come back to some killer fun event's for Christmas....Be funny AF if there was a Holiday event where both Ely and Asmo had to work together unable to attack one another during said event because Christmas is all about peace and love and so much more but surely you get the idea...
So, Could you please add some more events and perhaps even a EXP&Drop event both or?Something heck it's Christmas time and we wouldn't mind if you wanted to throw the entire kitchen sink at us for events lol for Christmas..
Darn it I wish for a perma Unicorn Mount lol......
Merry Christmas&Happy New Year!!!

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