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Aion America Fresh Start! Empty Aion America Fresh Start!

6/6/2022, 4:18 am
Aion America Fresh Start! Mail

Hello dear Daevas!
We would like to announce that in the coming weeks we will be launching a Fresh Start of Aion America. It is the end of an era here in Aion America, but we are also starting a new one!
The current Aion America server will shut down the night of Sunday June 19 for an extended maintenance, and the Fresh Start of Aion America will open Friday June 24 at 6PM Server Time.

The Fresh Start, as it says, will be a total Fresh Start. All characters and accounts will be deleted, so you will need to create a new account when the server opens.
While a difficult decision, we have chosen to do a fresh start to revitalize the population of the server. We've had many requests from players for a fresh start, and we hope you will join us on June 24!

Early account and character creation will be available on Thursday June 23, at 6PM Server Time.

We will be moving to a fresh Discord server and closing this one when the new server opens. The new Discord will be informational where you will be able to check news, submit support tickets, get notified about battlegrounds, invasions and much more! A Q&A chat will be available until the server launch.

Join our new discord now: https://discord.gg/bMRfMPch4s

Aion America Client
Our client went through a total rework so you will need to do a File Check if you already have our client. Otherwise, you can download the full client from our website.

Players who have donated to Aion America in the past three months (April/May/June) will be able to claim those credits in the new server. Please contact the administrator once you've created your new account.

We have made some major updates to our website! The new home page has been updated to include various information about Aion America, and we added Siege/Battlegrounds/Arena schedule.
The web shop has been updated with a new tile layout which shows images directly in the list. Plus, the web shop can now be viewed without logging in.
In your user panel area, we have added the Referral System, where you can use your personal link to invite your friends to play Aion America. As soon as they reach level 65 and have 50 hours of game play time, you and the referred friend will receive a few bonuses. (For more info please check your user panel)

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Aion America Fresh Start! Unknown

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